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There's still time...Mother's Day Specials!

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Happy May Everyone :) 

I hope this finds all of you well and not too, too crazy just yet.  I fear we may well be in for a lengthy life disruption :(  Really, who could have imagined?!? Just a few pics from my Turkey help remind me there's a whole world out there :)


It's always far too easy to know how I'm doing and feeling about life, etc.  If you're hearing from me and seeing me all over social media, it's evident that I'm doing well and feeling when I'm traveling :)  When, on the other hand, you've not seen me around or heard from me recently, you'd be wise to assume I'm a bit off kilter and perhaps feeling low.  That's absolutely accurate :)  It's definitely time for me to get myself in gear, and take some action! 

I have much to share with you, all about my wonderful and productive trip to Turkey in Feb., and my new hip in March.  But as Mother's Day is approaching all too quickly, we'll get right to it.

I've tried to use my head and my imagination to come up with some appropriate and fun gift ideas for the special Mom (or lady) in your life, or maybe for your favorite front line person who definitely needs some special attention and pampering.  So, here's what I've come up with :)

NOTE:  I've highlighted some special SALE items here, but please make sure you go through the entire store as I've reduced prices on lots of other items :) !



What says comfy more than a robe :)  All of my robes are unisex and come in 2 sizes.  They're all top quality, made from !00% Turkish cotton, or linen, and they're ALL ON SALE....BIG TIME!! 

(Just because...the kid's robes are all on sale too. And guys, get one for yourself too, the prices are great and I'm not going to be restocking them.)


Classic Striped Turkish Towel Bags

These bags are a perfect gift bag for whatever you choose, or as the gift itself.  They're truly wonderful for any use.  AND, they wash and dry beautifully (to get all of those bad GERMS off).  And when we get back to the days of beaches, pools and travel, they're perfect for all of that as well, and they pack easily :)

Jumbos and Summer Weight Throws


In these days of social distancing, you can still do a picnic with a JUMBO :)  They're essentially huge Turkish Towels, with all of the same great qualities, and they're just what you need for for a picnic or the beach. I've reduced the price on 3 of my summer weight throws from $50 to $35, and I've reduced the price on all throws by $10 each.


Fancy Evil Eye Bead Bracelet

Everyone loves these oh so fancy bracelets... yes, with glass beads, and even diamonds :)  Now only $7.50


Luxury Towel Specials



I've reduced the prices on a nice selection of my premium towels.  I'm sure you'll be able to find at least a couple that would be  a perfect gift.  Besides being great towels, many of these also make great wraps, scarves, and small throws.


Child's Felt Puppet Purse

Although it may seem a bit odd, I've included this in my Mom's Day gifts, because we all know what a gift it is when the little ones can entertain themselves for  a period of time.  I've reduced the price, AND I'm now including 6  puppets, 3 in the pockets and 3 more inside :)  And I've gotten some very neat new puppets! 


I know I'm really late getting this info out to you, and I do apologize for that!  I will do my very best to get all orders into the mail, or delivered as quickly as possible.

My next order of business is to prepare for City Flea on Sat., May 16th 10-4.        It's to be a Virtual City Flea.  They'll be hosing this virtual flea via Instagram, and promoting via Facebook, Twitter and email.  It sounds very techie and challenging to my old head, but it'll certainly be most interesting, and better than no market!!

Have a very happy (safe and healthy) Mother's Day !

The Whirling Girl,

PS: Stayed tuned for more info about how City Flea will work...and I've got a really neat idea to use :)

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