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I have a new website, new products, just in time for Black Friday sales!!!

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Greetings, Merhaba, and Namaste Friends!

It's been a very long time, it seems, and many miles (and not my usual, preferred type of miles that I love, either!) since last I checked in. I do have some big, big news to share with you...but you’ll have to read my updates first to see what I’ve been up to...

My updates

As a reminder, I’m still getting back into the swing of things after nearly dying this past spring with a ruptured brain aneurysm. I should be completely embarrassed to share this dreadful photo, but it is part of my history now (and God help me, may well be part of my future too!!) and it definitely reminds me of how lucky I am, and how very far I've come :)

And then here I am, 6 months later with my new buddy Lizzy at the infamous Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market, selling my goodies and making lots of new friends :)

While I'm far behind on all kinds of writing and my storytelling, I've been a busy girl nonetheless.

I did get to travel to Denver to be present for new granddaughter, Lucy's birth in September. It was wonderful to be traveling out there by myself again, reminding me of how very much I love it. And of course, what a treat to be invited to Lucy’s birth. Sorry Kim, but it did look like a piece of cake, and I pushed each push right along with you :)

Another kind of highlight for me...I received an email a month ago from a nurse leader in the Neuro ICU at Good Sam Hospital. They were working towards a specialized certification for a Comprehensive Stroke Center (I may well be saying all of this wrong...I really don't have a clue) and they were hosting the Joint Commission (the big guys, clearly :). She asked if I'd be interested in attending their opening session, and she said they'd like to introduce me as one of their greatest success stories. I was flattered and proud, and of course said yes, I'd love to.

It was really very cool, and I met various people, including the president of Good Samaritan, who told me he'd read and liked my blog about my aneurysm....pretty cool, I thought. Mind you, people are always acting or talking as though I've accomplished some great feat! But for the most part, I’ve had nothing to do with any of it. I just happen to be the one this all happened to and was lucky enough to survive, as many people don’t.

However, my buddy Lizzy points out that I have actually made some efforts. I continue to be a non smoker (and that’s really hard for me), I try hard to eat better, and am attempting to at least walk daily which I find I really like!

I have a new website!

While I am behind on writing, I've been plenty busy with my usual markets which I’ve been able to do, definitely with a bit of extra help. Thank you all!!!

Sometime before my brain thing, Kim found for us a web lady to build a brand new website and get us completely up and running on a new sales platform. So, that's been in progress and under construction for a good long time. We're a bit behind where we would like to be for right now, but as I've most definitely been behind myself, it's all working out fine.

It's been a lengthy and tedious process, mostly handled by Celia Herrera with URBN Brands, with direction and considerable help from my daughter-in-law Kim. While it's not the tech stuff, I've done my part too with help from my good friends and business support team Lizzy and Jen.

You'll notice, I hope, the wonderful new photography. Thank you so very much daughter-in-law, Katie of Gibson Schaefer Photography and Christina of Christina Fox Photography, our newest addition to this little team. I needed each and every one of you and I thank you so much!! I shall pay you all back by becoming a grand success!!!!!

You’ll also notice a change to our shipping structure with free shipping on all orders over $100.

Check it out now, we’re up and running!

My Black Friday Sale

To celebrate my wonderful, shiny, new site, and to continue a Whirling Girl tradition, I'm having a Holiday sale!!!

Here are the details:

  • 20% off EVERYTHING in the store!
  • Sale begins at 4:00pm ET Thursday, Nov. 28th (Thanksgiving)
  • Sale ends 11:59 pm ET Monday Dec. 2nd (Cyber Monday)
  • Use the promo code: MERRY
I'll send out a brief email each morning of the sale as a little reminder and I'll highlight one of my favorite gift ideas :)


My favorite gift ideas

For men

The Water Buffalo Leather Simple Bag from Nepal.

This item actually comes in two variations: one with exterior stitching and one with a plaque. At long last, I have what I could call a man bag. I can’t even tell you how many times guys have come up to me and asked why I don’t carry any men’s bags. All of the water buffalo leather is unisex and versatile, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Each is truly one of a kind. And all of these come from my new friend, Ravi, in Kathmandu.

For women

For the favorite girl in your life or girls as it may be. I suggest my brand new Stoneware Blue Teardrop Necklace from Turkey (also available in star, circle, and heart variations).

I literally just got these three days ago from my new buddy, Murat, in Kalkan, Turkey. I found these last year on my mega towel buying trip to Turkey and bought two, one for Jen and one for me.

I’ve worn it since then and have received I can’t tell you how many compliments. So… I decided I should sell them and began to track down where I bought them with no luck until I finally called my buddy, Maggi, in Kalkan who located them immediately. I’m delighted to add these to my collection and every bit as delighted to have gotten to know Murat. Obviously I can’t give you a picture because I’ve not met him, but if he has these necklaces, I suspect he has a good deal more that both you and I would like (next trip to Turkey :)

For everyone

Last but not least… is the Heavy Stonewashed Chainstitch Turkish Towel in medium grey (available also in charcoal and indigo). This same lovely, heavy weave is available in a throw in the same three colors.

This towel is awesome! For starters, it’s a great man towel as my husband at least prefers a thicker Turkish towels. It’s a wonderful wrap and a perfect lap blanket or small throw. It would be right at home on the back of your chair at work. So it’s a great gift for anyone and everyone.

Well, that’s all for now. I look forward to seeing you in your inbox later this week when I reveal lots more NEW products on my brand NEW website!!! See you then!

Your Friend,
aka The Whirling Girl

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