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The Faces of Nepal

by Sandy Merrill | | Travel | 0 Comments


In case you didn’t get the memo (are you following me on Facebook and Instagram yet?!) Ed and I spent most of March in Nepal! It was the most amazing, colorful, wonderful place we’ve been and I can’t WAIT to tell you all about it. I’m actually working on all those posts now…but in the meantime I just had to share something…

As I look back through my pictures trying to find those I need for the particular blogs I’m working on, I can’t help stopping to delight in my people pics. They’re by far, always my favorites :) So while I’m putting together the stories of our adventures in Nepal, I thought you might enjoy my personal collection of a few of the faces of Nepal.

On that note, I had an unusual new experience in Nepal, and it happened at least a half dozen times. Ed and I found it tremendously comical, and I expect that you may too. I have no idea exactly what the draw was…maybe my blond hair, my particular haircut, my feathers? Or, maybe “The Whirling Girl” has gotten that big, and now I’m like a celebrity? Or perhaps my vibrant personality just shines that brightly???

Whatever it was, in all kinds of random and crowded places and situations, people just walked right up to me, totally out of the blue, and wanted to have their picture taken with me?!?! I’m not kidding, it was crazy! The craziest part was that it kept happening. Per usual, not fast enough on the uptake, I only got a couple of the pictures myself. So, for your amusement…

I leave you on that cheery note, and shall be back soon with some stories of our remarkable journey in Nepal…24 hrs in Dubai, our visit to the jungle and the ring of fire, a day of sightseeing around Kathmandu including live outdoor cremations, Happy Holi, and our once in a lifetime trek in the Himalayas…oops, and of course, my shopping expedition :)

Until then,

The Whirling Girl Sandy

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